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September 15 2023

During our First meeting of the year we learned about policies and procedures. We introduced our steering team (see them below, aren't they pretty?) and our theme of the year "Say Yes" (Video below)

Make sure to check out your table box for your "About Me" form, policy handouts and name plates.

2023-24 Fort Mill Mops Steering Team

Heidi Buksbazen: Discussion Group Leader Coordinator

Katelyn Brady: MOPSKids Coordinator

Kristina Birke: Social Media Coordinator

Lori Keller: Mentor Mom Coordinator

Kristen Clements: Creative Activities Co-Coordinator

Sarah Winkler: Lead Coordinator

Katie Cottingham: Hospitality Coordinator

Blair Skelton: Finance/Membership Coordinator

Kyla Bays: Assistant Coordinator 

Lindsey Waller: Creative Activities Co-Coordinator

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